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        Home > Enterprise culture

        Spirit: Keep learning and innovate

        Development Concept: harmony between heaven and man, harmonious and natural

        Development Goal: Create the world's first brand in the same industry

        Management thought: People-oriented, science and technology first, continuous improvement, precision casting Brand

        Operating principles: Sales as a leader, production-centric, service-focused, quality assurance, to meet customers, needs

        Core values: Enterprises and customers win-win situation, enterprises and employees to create innovative business, feedback employees, repay the community and serve the country

        Core competitiveness: Excellent staff, advanced technology, advanced Process, scientific management

        Innovation consciousness: never perfect work, never perfect product

        Market Awareness: Meeting customers’ needs is our basic working standard

        Way of thinking: jump out of our own view, jump out of the current situation to see reality, and never stop

        Team spirit: Cooperative, trust, dedication, Complementary, communication

        Employee code

        1.Diligence and dedication, pursuit of ideals, serve the community, giving back to the family;
        2.Devote to duty and keeping secret of business;
        3.Listen to the command in unison, obey the discipline, follow the rules;
        4.To create world-class quality products with the spirit of craftsmen;
        5.Constantly strengthen our own self-cultivation, pay attention to words and deeds, language norms and work behavior norms;
        6.Develop the quality of self-denial, self-learning, self-improvement and self-improvement;
        7.Constantly try new things and challenge ourselves;
        8.The attitude of people should be humble, in order to win the cooperation of colleagues and customers;
        9.Strict conduct, shall not receive gifts, bribes or invitation from persons or trades related to the company's business.
        Tianhe Oil Group Huifeng Petroleum Equipment CO. ltd.